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CSWIM 2012 Keynote #1:

Post-Classical Game Theory: Opportunities for IS Researchers

Dr. Steven O. Kimbrough
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania, USA

The research program for classical game theory consists of representing strategic situations rigorously and then characterizing their equilibria. Criticisms of classical game theory have emphasized two things: (1) the lack of realism in the level of knowledge it presumes of players, as described in Rational Choice Theory, which is also present in neoclassical economics; and (2) the preoccupation with equilibrium, also appearing in neoclassical economics. This talk draws upon and extends Professor Kimbrough's recent book, "Agents, Games, and Evolution: Strategies at Work and Play," and develops an account of post-classical game theory. This account sees the work of classical game theory as valid and important, but constrained in scope. It goes on to explore and develop non-traditional methods by which important strategic questions can be addressed effectively. These methods divide into two kinds. The first is behavioral game theory, which puts experimental subjects in strategic situations and observes their behavior. The second, and the main focus of this talk, is procedural game theory, which uses learning algorithms and other decision procedures to investigate behavior and outcomes of strategic situations. The talk will give examples of important results and provide an overview of opportunities for Information Systems researchers to make contributions to this rapidly-developing area.



Steven O. Kimbrough is Professor of Operations and Information Management at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has been on the standing faculty since 1984. He also holds a secondary appointment at, and is active in, the Philosophy Department at Penn. His principal research areas are in procedural (post-classical) game theory, evolutionary computation, and applied logic. He also works in the area of text mining and analytics. He is an inventor on three related patents in this area.

Kimbrough's research features extensive use of both computational methods and formal logic. In procedural game theory he is the author of the book Agents, Games, and Evolution: Strategies at Work and Play (2011) and he is actively at work in exploring individual learning algorithms in the context of strategic decision making. Important among these algorithms is Probe and Adjust, which he originated. In evolutionary computation, his research group originated a variety of genetic algorithm that is especially well-suited for supporting deliberation with constrained optimization models.

Kimbrough's research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Army Research Office, and the U.S. Coast Guard, among others. Kimbrough teaches courses on post-classical game theory, negotiations, programming for business analytics, metaheuristics, and agent-based modeling. In 2010 he was instrumental in founding the business analytics concentration at The Wharton School.

CSWIM 2012 Keynote #2:

How Information Technology enables High Performance Enterprise (and
market trend of SAP product offering)

Mr. Kevin Liu, Vice President
SAP practice lead for Greater China, Technology Division, Accenture

Accenture’s research into high-performance IT tells us that more than 80 percent of IT and business executives in China want to position IT as a strategic asset. However, while IT executives are looking at ways to manage growth over the longer term, the business world is focused on driving growth today, at
ever-lower cost levels. To properly manage the challenges of rapid growth, CIOs in China have to be able to see around the next corner. The 2012 Accenture Technology Vision is designed to help them to do that—to make sense of the disruptions ahead. But this year’s report challenges companies to go a step beyond understanding—to start taking action. The technology that you use will be radically different in the next three years. Stand still and you risk being left behind. Act now and you will be poised for continued growth in the future.

While foreseeing huge software growth opportunities, SAP has laid out a bold expansion plan in Mainland China and Hong Kong, with the aim of investing $2B and doubling its workforce by 2015. The Strategy includes to drive growth through new technology. We will briefly discuss how SAP plan to grow through Analytics, Mobility and HANA

Launched in May 29th in Beijing, the Accenture Innovation Center for SAP brings together Accenture’s deep functional and industry expertise with the latest SAP technologies, including advanced analytics, mobility and cloud computing. The centers are designed to help organizations glean deeper insights from data, improve decision-making processes, and embrace the power of in-memory technology and mobility to deliver information anytime, anywhere. An integral part of the centers is Accenture’s “Day in the Life” scenarios for a large variety of industries and businesses. These scenarios create an immersive environment for clients and showcase how technologies and solutions are used in the execution of industry-specific business processes.


Mr. Liu is a vice president from Accenture technology division and is
responsible for Accenture Greater China SAP practice (includes China, Hong
Kong and Taiwan). Mr. Liu hold a bachelor degree in MIS from National
Central University of Taiwan. He joined Accenture Taipei office in 1993
and transferred to China in 2005. Mr. Liu has more than 18 years
experience in consulting business, served clients in Taiwan, Singapore, US
and China. Mr. Liu started his SAP engagements since 1994 and have
successfully implemented SAP systems for clients in Oil&Gas, industrial
equipments, pharmaceutical, Utility and high tech industries. The clients
he served includes the largest Electricity transmission and distribution
company in China, largest petroleum & petrochemical company in China, and
one of the largest Telecom company in China, and one of largest
Semiconductor manufacturing company in the world.
Mr. Liu is specialized in enterprise IT planning, business processes
reengineering in Supply Chain area, complex ERP system implementation and
integration, and program management of IT transformation.

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